Competition Rules

USATF Rules Apply

USATF rules will apply to all events. Any protests must be filed in writing within 30 minutes of the results being posted online and must include a $40 cash deposit which will be returned if the protest is upheld. Protests can be filed by the start/finish area, outside the track.

Athletes may wear a uniform of their choosing but we suggest you try and follow your state association rules.

This is an invitational style meet that is sanctioned by USATF. It is not sanctioned by any high school federation since it is contested after the official high school season.

Vertical Height Progressions

Note: USATF sanctioned meet; all marks will be measured in metric

Pole Vault – Dual pits
Group #1: Seed heights greater than 4.7m or 15’5”
Group #2: Seed heights lower than 4.69m or 15’4.5”

Progression is 4.20 (13’9″), 4.35 (14’3″), 4.50 (14’ 9”), 4.65 (15’3”), 4.80 (15’9”), 4.95 (16’3”), 5.10 (16’9”), 5.20 (17’ ¾”), 5.30 (17’4.5”), 5.40 (17’8 ½”)


Group #1: Seed heights greater than 3.80m or 12’6”
Group #2: Seed heights lower than 3.79m or 12’5.5”

Progression is 3.30 (10’10”), 3.45 (11’4″), 3.60 (11’10”), 3.75 (12’4″), 3.90 (12’10”), 4.05 (13’4″), 4.15 (13’8″), 4.25 (14′), 4.35 (14’4″)


High Jump – Dual Pits
Group #1: Seed heights greater than 6’6”
Group #2: Seed heights at 6’6” or lower
Progression for both: 1.91 (6’3”),1.96 (6’5”), 2.01 (6’7”), 2.06 (6’9”), 2.09 (6’10”), 2.12 (6’11”), 2.15 (7’0”)

Group #1: Seed heights greater than 5’4
Group #2: Seed heights at 5’4 or lower
Progression for both: 1.57 (5’2”), 1.62 (5’4”), 1.67 (5’6”), 1.72 (5’8”), 1.75 (5’9) 1.78 (5’10”), 1.81 (5’11”), 1.84 (6’0”)


Lane Preferences


60m Dash and 60m High Hurdles: 4-5-3-6-2-7-1-8

200m, 400m, 4x200m, 4x400m, Sprint Medley: 5-6-4-3-2-1


800m, Mile, 2 Miles, 5K, RW, 4×800, 4xMile, DMR): Random per USATF rules

Track Event Heat/Section Preferences

800m, Mile, 2 Mile, 4x200m Relay, 4x400m Relay, Sprint Medley Relay, 4x800m Relay, 4xMile Relay will all be contested as a Final on Time

200m and 400m Dashes

Top eight fastest times from the Preliminary heats will advance to a two-section final.

60m Dash and 60m High Hurdles

Top 24 times from all sections into the Semi-final. The semi-finals will consist of three heats where the top two in each heat and the next two fastest times qualify for the Final.

Field Event Flight Seedings

Flights assigned by performance list, random within the flight per USATF rules, with athletes with the best seed marks competing in the final trial flight. All field events will check-in at the event 30 minutes before scheduled start time.

Pentathletes will have three attempts during the Shot Put and Long Jump with no Final. Throwing and jumping order will be random draw.

Starting Blocks

Starting blocks will be permitted for all championship, middle school, and freshman sprint events.


The boy’s hurdles are 39 inches tall and the girl’s hurdles are 33 inches tall.


Spikes can not exceed ¼ inch in length and must be pyramids. No christmas tree or needle points allowed.

False Starts

Championship and Freshman: One false start disqualifies the athlete who committed the offense.

Middle School: A first false start is indicated with a warning to the athlete who committed the offense. The second false start by that same athlete results in a disqualification

Number of Events

As per USATF youth rules, an athlete may not compete in more than 4 events. A 60 prelim, semi and final counts as one as does a 4×200 prelim and final.


The 4×200 and Sprint Medley (2-2-4-8) relays will be conducted using a THREE-TURN stagger. The 4×400 relay will be conducted using a TWO-TURN stagger. The 4×800 and DMR (12-4-8-16) will use a TWO-TURN alley start.

The 20m exchange zone will be used for all relays.

Horizontal Jumps

All athletes must check in before the first flight (no exceptions).

Each flight will have 15 minutes to warm up on their given runway.

Relay Batons

Meet management WILL provide batons at the start of the race.

Relay Cards

All coaches must fill in relay cards and submit to the clerk at least 60 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of each relay. Relay cards are available at the clerking area.

Throwing Implements

Implement inspection will be conducted at the site of the competition. The schedule for implement inspection will be as follows:

Sunday: All Day Sunday starting at 7:30am

Any impounded implements will be held until the end of the competition day.

The men’s shot put will be 12 lb. and the weight throw will be 25 lb.

The women’s shot put will be 4 kg and the weight throw will be 20 lb.

The throwing sector will be 34.92 degrees.
Per USATF rules, all implements are available for use by any athlete in the competition.
Check in for throwing events must occur before the first flight (regardless of flight). Coaches are allowed to check-in athletes, starting 30 minutes before.

15 mins per warmup (for each flight) with an additional 15 mins warmup (8 athletes for finals).